Thursday, September 30, 2021

Conspiracy Theories Galore

They dismissed us as conspiracy theorists, but then ...

  • Russia Collusion was proved a series of crimes by the Clinton campaign.
  • Hunter Biden's laptop disappears and Democrats, the Intelligence Community, Corporate Media, and Big Tech collude to protect the criminal Biden family with a false narrative about Russia disinformation.
  • Pfizer vaccine FDA approval exposed as a lie. The president, government agencies, media, Big Tech, and Pfizer all propagated this "misinformation.". In truth, FDA approval was for a Pfizer vaccine not in production and not available anywhere on the planet.
  • Covid19 vaccine narratives unravel by the day as vaccine mandates become more tyrannical. 
  • FDA refused (16-2) emergency use of boosters for heathy people under 60 but the media and president purposely muddled the results to claim unanimous approval of boosters.
  • Capital Police release video tapes which dismantled narratives around January 6 "armed insurrection."
  • Arizona election audit proves massive cheating by Democrats and their friends.

And they call us nut cases while they fabricate one falsehood after another.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

What we are really fighting ...


We’re not fighting to stop masks.

 We’re not fighting to stop lockdowns.

 We’re not fighting to stop vaccine mandates.

 We’re not fighting to stop vaccine passports.

We’re fighting to stop the march toward Communist China style Social Credit Scores.

Social Credit Scores are total control of our daily lives. A tiny misstep and you are punished. Follow the party line and you are rewarded. If this is the New World Order, count me out. 

Thursday, September 9, 2021

In celebration of Constitution Day, an Excerpt from Tempest at Dawn

 Chapter 40                                                      Monday, September 17, 1787


Madison sat in his customary place with folded hands resting on the table. He didn’t intend to take notes today. In fact, he didn’t intend to take any more notes on any day. This signing ceremony would be the final act of the convention.

Madison noticed that his ink-stained hands looked prayerful. He thought this fitting because a reverential spirit suffused the assembly. The chamber remained hushed as the secretary read the engrossed Constitution in its entirety. At the conclusion, Franklin rose with a speech in his hand.

“Mr. President, I confess there are several parts of this Constitution I don’t like, but I’m not sure I won’t later approve of them. Most men believe they possess all truth and that whoever differs from them is in error. The older I grow, the more I doubt my own judgment and the more I pay attention to the judgment of others.

“When you assemble a group of men to take advantage of their collective wisdom, you inevitably bring together all their prejudices, passions, and selfish views. From such an assembly, can one expect perfection? It astonishes me that this system approaches so near perfection.

“Thus, I consent to this Constitution because I’m not sure that it’s not the best. My reservations were born within these walls and here they’ll die. I’ll never whisper a syllable about my uncertainties. I hope we all heartily recommend this Constitution. My wish is that any member who still harbors objections will, with me, doubt his own infallibility and put his name to this document.”

Franklin dropped his papers to his side and spoke in a commanding voice. “I move the Constitution be signed.”

The old man had made a fine last attempt to pull the three dissenters along, but Madison doubted that it would work. They would have to settle for artifice; by the unanimous consent of the states present ignored the two missing states and the seven delegates—counting those who had left—who dissented.

Gorham, looking nervous, asked for the floor. “Gentlemen, I wish that the clause declaring, ‘the number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every forty thousand,’ be changed to ‘thirty thousand.’” Hamilton immediately seconded the motion.

Washington rose to put the question to a vote, hesitated, and then expressed his opinion for the first time. “Although I have hitherto restrained myself, my wish is that the proposal be approved. Many consider the small proportion of representatives insufficient to secure the rights and interests of the people. Late as the present moment is, it will give me great satisfaction to see this amendment adopted.”

Madison turned to see Sherman’s reaction. Ellsworth tapped his forearm, but Sherman just smiled and made a flick of his hand. Sherman couldn’t countermand the sole wish expressed by the great hero of the Revolution, but Madison wished he had been rewarded with a flash of anger or at least surprise.

Without debate, the amendment was approvedin the manner so dear to Gen. Washington’s heartunanimously.

Madison expected this to be the end, but Randolph urgently asked for the floor. Bristling with indignation, he stared at the Pennsylvania table. “I resent the allusions to myself by Dr. Franklin.” Randolph turned toward Washington. “I apologize for refusing to sign the Constitution. I don’t mean by this refusal to oppose the Constitution beyond these doors. I only mean to keep myself free to be governed by future judgments.”

Gerry felt obliged to explain his refusal. “This is painful, and I won’t offer any further observations. The outcome has been decided. While the plan was in debate, I offered my opinions freely, but I’m now bound to treat it with the respect due an act of the convention. I hope that I’m not violating that respect by declaring I fear a civil war might erupt from these proceedings.”

Gerry gave a disrespectful glance toward the Pennsylvania table. “As for Dr. Franklin’s remarks, I cannot but view them as leveled at myself and the other gentlemen who mean not to sign.”

Pinckney had lost his normal composure, but none of his arrogance. “We’re not going to gain any more converts. Let’s sign the document.”

King interrupted the initiation of the signing ceremony. “I suggest that the journals of the convention be destroyed or deposited in the custody of the president. If it becomes public, those who wish to prevent the adoption of the Constitution will put it to bad use.”

“I prefer the second expedient.” Wilson looked directly at Gerry. “Some may make false representations of our proceedings, and we’ll need evidence to contradict them.

The last hour confirmed Madison’s suspicion that the fight for ratification would be divisive and mean-spirited.

The motion passed to deposit the journals into the hands of Washington.

Finally, all other business completed, Washington formally called on the delegates to sign the Constitution. The secretary had arranged the Syng inkstand that had been used to sign the Declaration of Independence on a green baize-covered table. Washington walked around the table and signed first. He then called the states from north to south. The delegates remained silent and reverential as they approached the low dais to apply their signatures.

When Virginia was called, Madison felt a tightening in his stomach. This Constitution would permanently bind his beloved country. When he picked up the pen, he looked at Washington, who stood respectfully to the side, instead of behind the table. The precedents set by this man would seal these words. Madison grabbed the pen, dipped it in the inkwell, and signed with confidence. When he looked up, Washington gave him a nod that made Madison think he had read his mind.

Despite his illness, Franklin had remained standing after he signed, shaking hands with delegates and whispering an occasional aside. While the last members were signing, tears glistened in Franklin’s eyes. With an obvious struggle to control his emotions, he began to speak in a stronger than normal voice.

“Gentlemen, have you observed the half sun painted on the back the president’s chair? Artists find it difficult to distinguish a rising from a setting sun. In these many months, I have been unable to tell which it was. Now, I’m happy to exclaim that it is a rising, not a setting sun.”

Once the last signature was in place, no one wanted to spend another moment in this room that had dominated their lives for so many months. Besides, John Dickinson had left a banknote with George Read to pay for a celebratory dinner at the City Tavern.

Because of the momentous day, Franklin had abandoned his rented prisoners and intended to walk out of the State House. Madison grabbed one elbow, and Wilson took the opposite side to help the old man out of the chamber. Madison hoped he could protect Franklin from being jostled by the bubbling delegates, but Washington took a point position in front of their little group, and the crowd parted like the Red Sea.

“I want to thank you gentlemen for helping an enfeebled and diminished old man,” Franklin said.

“I witnessed your diminished capacity these many months,” Madison said. He became puzzled when this somehow evoked a hearty chuckle from Franklin.

The doctor glanced between Madison and Wilson. “I’m usually assisted by the inmates of Walnut Street Prison. It occurs to me that you men have been prisoners in this chamber.” Franklin chuckled again. “With the power vested in me by the State of Pennsylvania, I pardon and set you free.”

At that precise moment, with theatrics that seemed natural to Washington, the sentries threw open the doors to the State House, and Madison was assaulted by bright sunlight and a deafening roar. Hundreds of people cheered, clapped, and whistled at the sight of Gen. George Washington framed by the great double doors of the State House.

The threesome stopped a respectful distance behind Washington. This crowd was not going to part so easily. In fact, the sentries had skipped down the three steps and joined arms to hold back the surge of people.

“Our rambunctious session on Saturday told our fair citizens that we had concluded our business,” Franklin observed.

“Are you riding with the general?” Madison asked.

“Relax, boys. The general will know the exact moment to step off the stoop.”

True to Franklin’s prediction, Washington gauged the crowd’s mood perfectly, and when he stepped down, they gave the men a narrow path to Washington’s beautiful new carriage.

As they followed in the general’s footsteps, the people continued to cheer and applaud. A woman leaned her head past Madison to yell, “Dr. Franklin, what is it to be? A republic or a monarchy?”

The doctor hesitated in his step and looked over the throng of anxious people. His answer came in a firm, loud voice.

“A republic—if you can keep it.”

Monday, September 6, 2021

Abuse of Power, Inside the Three-Year Campaign to Impeach Donald Trump, by by Fred V. Lucas


Abuse of Power

In bygone days, I got my news from weekly magazines. Newspapers and the nightly news were too nerve-wracking. If I was still kicking and my assets remained intact, week-old news didn’t scare me. Flash forward a couple decades and we’re awash in an unrelenting stream of news that comes pockmarked with commentary from every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Nowadays, understanding the implications of news is daunting, thoughtful analysis impossible. Something happens, and in near-light speed, it’s replaced by something new. Memories are garbled, strains of connectivity lost, and narratives spun so fast that they look like a host of dust devils.

With Abuse of Power, Lucas has provided us a service by neatly depicting President Donald Trump’s first impeachment. A careful follower of the news may not discover much they hadn’t already known, but reading these political clashes without the chaff helps connect the dots. Lucas takes a mostly non-judgmental view of the players; however, we get to see their words and deeds in sequence without the noise. Motives held close to the vest suddenly become noticeable. I suspect that politicians who prefer obfuscation will dislike this book.

Abuse of Power might disappoint those who prefer their politics presented in polemic rants. This book is a straightforward presentation of events told in sequence without the distraction of spin or unassociated news. Speculation and gossip seldom make an appearance. If it couldn’t be attributed, Lucas left it out.

Abuse of Power allows the reader to form their own opinion. How refreshing is that?

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The Declaration of Independence and Mask Mandates


Americans believe they have been “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Mask mandates violate all three of these rights.


Breathing is a life-critical human function. If you stop breathing, you die. If breathing is hampered, bodily functions are compromised. As untold studies have shown, prolonged mask wearing is harmful to human health. You cannot live a full life when breathing is impaired. Ask anyone with COPD.


Masking everyone—without choice—denies individual liberty. The state is ordering you to do something against your will. A counter argument might be, “Your rights end where my rights begin." Except, despite emotion-laden narratives, the simple act of breathing by a well person does not threaten anyone’s rights.

Pursuit of happiness

Pursuit of happiness is often defined as the freedom to make what you want of life. Masks take the joy out of learning. They sucked the energy out of the classroom. Masks make teachers, administrators, and students grumpy and reluctant participants. Schools with mask mandates are sad places.

Autocrats would like to erase this quote from the Declaration of Independence. They can’t. Our Founding Principles are too deeply ingrained in Americans psyches. After all, they’re endowed by our Creator.

That same document also warns authoritarians that when people are subjugated, “it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government.”

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Did the FDA Actually Fully Approve the Pfizer Vaccine?

People have pointed out that the Pfizer vaccine has not been FDA approved; only it’s emergency use extended. I personally read the published letters multiple time. Understanding these mind-numbing missives requires a bureaucratic mind. Here's my read. An essentially identical vaccine with a different name has been fully approved. However ... the only data point that matters is that this renamed vaccine is not being manufactured. It doesn’t exist.

Many now claim that the approval hoopla is fake news.


It’s worse. Way worse. This is manufactured news. A purposefully false narrative that required the collusion of Big Government, Big Pharma, and a complicit media. A made-up story that could have devastating consequences on your health and wellbeing.

Vaccination mandates are illegal under the emergency use authorization. I know the DOJ declared them legal, but it's there in plain English. Go ahead and check it out for yourself. The illegality was the strongest argument of the “vaccine hesitant.” So the government concocted a “narrative” that the vaccine had full FDA approval. Within hours of the press release, an avalanche of mandates fell on us.

But … the approved vaccine is not available. Only the same ol’ stuff that has been around for months.  Vaccines that have only emergency use authorization. EUA vaccines may not be forced on you by the government or private entities.

But the FDA did approve a vaccine. Surely, it will be available within days ... or weeks. No, it won't. There's a caveat. An FDA vaccine is not exempt from liability. Pfizer will not sell it's vaccine to any country without 100% indemnification. Period. Never. Indemnification is paramount to Pfizer. Do you think they will rush this renamed vaccine to market and forgo their shield against lawsuits?

The Biden Administration is between a rock and a hard place. If the FDA does not fully approve a SARS-Cov-2 vaccine, the unvaccinated have a principled and legal argument to resist. If the FDA approves the vaccines, the suppliers will cease providing the jabs.

So, they tried sleight of hand.

They approved a non-existent vaccine and spun a narrative.

Like many SARS-Cov-2 narratives, this one collapses with the application of common sense. How can the FDA give full approval to a vaccine that does not exist, while at the same time declaring that an identical drug must finish it’s trials prior to approval? (Read the letters. This is what they did.) Only if they had assurances that the new vaccine would not be marketed prior to completion of the trials. Actually they didn't need assurances. All of the conspirators know the loss of indemnification would be a deal breaker. 

This was a narrative stunt, plain and simple. Corporate mandates remain ILLEGAL under the emergency measures that apply to available vaccines.

This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s a conspiracy.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Democrats … Then and Now

My current writing project is Maelstrom, a political novel about the Civil War.  To a great extent, Maelstrom is a sequel to Tempest at Dawn, my novelization about the Constitutional Convention. The Civil War tested the tensile strength of the Framers work. Although both books stand alone, they share style and structure and many of the Framers descendants make brief appearances.

I’m reading stacks of books to get alternative perspectives on the players and events. One is The Impending Crisis in The South written in 1857 by Hinton Rowan Helper. Nothing like getting the skinny from someone who actually lived in the period.

Helper begins his book with startling statistics. He compares the economies of slave and non-slave states at the time of the Framing of the Constitution to just prior to the Civil War. Here are some of his statistics comparing New York and Virginia.


                                                                New York                             Virginia

1790 Population                                        340,120                              748,308

1850 population                                     3,097,661                            1,421,661

1791 Exports                                       $2,505,465                           $3,130,865

1852 Exports                                      $87,484456                           $2,724,657

He didn’t have 1790 numbers for some economic indicators but provided contemporaneous comparisons for imports, manufacturing, real and personal property, and farms.


                                                                New York                        Virginia

1853 Imports                                     $178,270,999                      $399,004                                             

1850 Manufacturing                          $237,597,249                      $29,705,387

1850 Property (Incl. slaves)           $1,080,309,216                      $391,646,438

1850 Farms                                       $576,631,568                      $223,423,315

Helper then compares Massachusetts versus North Carolina and Pennsylvania versus South Carolina. The results are similar. North and South Carolina in the lead at the time of the Constitutional Convention and the woefully behind by mid-nineteenth century.

For the six states Helper examines, slaveholding states were far stronger in 1787 than their northern counterparts, but after sixty years, the free states explosive growth had left the South far behind. It was like the South was in a footrace wearing concrete boots. Hinton Helper, a southerner, identifies that concrete as slavery.

The political implications are interesting. The South was controlled by a single party, and they retained power by keeping the general populous uneducated, poor, and dependent. Upward mobility? Almost unknown. Income disparity was of feudal dimensions, social norms insisted on conformity, and politicians and the press constantly demonized the North while telling the lower classes that they lived in a morally superior society.

Here’s a thought; that same political party wields ironclad control over our largest cities with income disparity, poor education, and dependency the order of the day. Sure seems like that party is using the same strategy to retain full and absolute power.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Grass is Greener in Red States

How smart were the Framers in the design of our system? Darn smart. Beyond studying government systems for decades, they collectively sequestered themselves for four months arguing daily on how to craft a proper design. Recent events allow us to measure their wisdom in one aspect of the design. They set up a system with thirteen (at the time) laboratories for political experimentation. How’s it working.

Twenty-seven states are run by Republican governors and twenty-three by Democrat governors, and there are no Republican mayors in the largest twenty cities. The relative approach to governance across America has become increasingly disparate.  The purpose of government is to keep us safe and improve our lives.  Factually, how are the two political parties doing?


Deaths in Blue States were 45 per 100,000, while deaths in Red States were 21 per 100,000. This means that a person was more than twice as likely to die from Covid19 in a state with a Democrat governor.

When the legislatures and tenure are examined, the results become even worse for Democrat leadership. The two Republican states in the top 10 are the traditionally Democrat states of Massachusetts and Maryland, where Democrats continue to control both houses of the legislature.  Throw into the mix the District of Columbia (78/100,000) and the picture becomes dismal.


All top ten cities are run by Democrats and nine have the worst crime record in the nation. Detroit has been the most dangerous city in the nation for four years running.  The average for these ten cities is 1,560 violent crimes per 100,000 people.  By contrast, the nation’s eighth largest city, San Diego, has only 370 victims per 100,000 and has been designated by the FBI as the safest city in America. San Diego, which was Republican recently elected a Democrat mayor. We’ll see if they can maintain their stellar reputation.

Violent protests have occurred primarily in the Democrat controlled cities of Minneapolis/St Paul, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, New York and D.C.  Insurance claims are estimated to be “catastrophic.”


On average, income taxes are 30% higher in Blue States with California, New York, Minnesota, Oregon, New Jersey, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia leading the pack in high rates.  If you like paying taxes, the following Democrat cities have an additional city income tax: New York City; the District of Columbia; Louisville; Birmingham; Baltimore; Detroit; Kansas City and St. Louis, MO; Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Toledo, OH; Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA.

A Google search came up with no Republican mayor that imposed a city income tax.

Illegal immigrants

Nine of the top ten cities with an illegal population have Democrat mayors, with one progressive Independent.  Six of these cities self-designate as sanctuaries. Texas has a state law forbidding sanctuary cities or it would likely be eight out of ten.  Nearly a quarter of the nation’s illegal immigrants reside in California, where they constitute more than 6% of the population. (Other estimates are far higher.)


New York has the highest number (47) of homeless per 10,000 residence, followed by Hawaii (46), Oregon (35), California (33), Washington (30), Massachusetts (29), Nevada (25), with Colorado and Maine both at (19). All Blue States. In contrast, the large Red States of Florida (15), Arizona (14), and Texas (9) come in much lower.  The remaining Red States are all below 13 per 10,000.

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, an average of 568,000 individuals were homeless in 2019.  Over one third of those live in the three Blue States bordering the Pacific Ocean, the citadel of progressive Democrats.  Add in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, and you have well over half of the nation’s homeless in eight Democrat states.  Outside of Hawaii and Southern California, the weather does not attract the homeless to these states.

Income Disparity and Poverty

 When cost of living is taken into account, California has the highest poverty rate (18.1), putting almost seventeen percent of California residents below the poverty line.  California poverty is only exceeded by Washington D.C. (18.2).  Overall, Blue State poverty is 4.2% greater than in Red States, but the picture become bleaker when income disparity is examined.  Income disparity is 7% greater Blue States than in Red States, and only four Democrat states and D.C. are above the national average (.486) as measured by the Gini coefficient. D.C. (.542), New York (.523), Louisiana (.499), Connecticut (.495), and California (.490), substantially skew the average upward for the rest of the nation.  Ironically, these bastions of progressivism constantly harangue the rest of us about the evils of income disparity.

The results are crystal clear. Now, it’s only left to be seen whether we’re smart enough to use the Framers design to better our lives and the lives of our children.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Yet Another American Icon Pulled Down


Everything American seems under duress.  Our Constitution is dismissed as racist, our democratic processes are corrupted, our rights have been crushed by a virus, people have lost faith in government institutions, and every self-entitled busybody is telling us how to live, think, and speak.

My wife and I needed a break.

We met my son’s and daughter’s families for vacation in Orlando.  We had a great time, especially at our rented house.  Three families eating, celebrating birthdays, playing in the game room, watching movies, and splashing around in the pool.  The extended weekend was the highlight of our life since Covid19. We lived the “old normal” for four days and it was a wonderful reminder of living free.  That is, until we ventured into Orlando’s famed parks.

The parks were expensive, crowded, and autocratic.  Disney World took honors as the worst. Walking up to the entrance, we were greeted by people wearing masks and face shields holding disinfectant and temperature wands.  It felt like we were entering a pandemic center not the happiest place on earth.  Inside, signs and loudspeaker ordered you to never drop your mask on penalty of expulsion, and so-called Cast Members became downright snarly.  The hot and humid lines felt cruel, not happy.

This was the polar opposite of my childhood experience at Disneyland.

Walt Disney had a vision for America, and Disneyland was not an amusement park; it was the fulfillment of that vision.  It was clean, it worked flawlessly, and it was egalitarian.  Above all, it was a place that celebrated family. Walt delivered wonder and happiness.  It was all about the experience … and nothing was allowed to interfere in with that experience.  When Walt was alive admittance was calibrated to preclude outlandish wait times, a mix of food vendors could accommodate any budget, and the park added a dazzling new feature every year.  Walt even had service trucks troll the parking lots ready to provide gas or a jump start to cars that refused to start.  He explained that he didn’t want a family’s last memory of his park to be a disappointment.

Today?  All the Orlando Parks claim to be operating at one-third to half capacity.  If true, then at full capacity, they must use Japanese transit pushers to get the last patrons through the gate.  Interminable lines are also caused by Disney World’s strict caste system. Families with unlimited resources hire private guides that sidestep the riffraff.  Those in the middle buy FastPass tickets which allowed them to stand in shorter lines.  The rabble?  They spend a huge sum to stand in hour-plus lines in exhausting heat, struggling to breathe.

Everyone, including children over two, must wear a mask over their mouth and nose.  On the rides, in line, and outdoors.  Evidently, the Magic Kingdom Disney ignores science.  We were even ordered to keep our down syndrome grandson home because he refused to religiously wear a mask.  The Magic Kingdom now celebrates family by ignoring the Equal Opportunity for Individuals With Disabilities Act.  And don’t even think about waving your vaccination card.  The Magic Kingdom ignores your doctor provided certification.  The Magic Kingdom makes its own rules.

The rules are strict, and you’re reminded endlessly.  Mask police are omnipresent and harsh taskmasters.  Never let it drop below your nose, and no mask break without buying food or drink and remaining socially distanced and absolutely still.  Ride operators scold you if you try to pull a clean breath in the dark.  The mask police even patrol outside the park, so no breathing freely on your way to the car.  This is all after your temperature has been proved normal in a state that claims to be fully open.  It’s almost as if they want you to remain frightened and off-balanced.

This is not Walt’s vision for America.  It’s the bizarre vision of others.  Bunched us up in queues with no open space, omnipresent officials enforcing rules, loudspeakers barking orders, and some animals more equal than others.  All of this has been sold as safety measures for our loved ones and others.  Sacrifice for the common good.  Good people doing a good deed.

Isn’t it ironic that to exert authoritarian control, our betters artfully appeal to our innate goodness.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

A Virus Attacks Our Constitution

This image changed my opinion about masks.  At first, I was ambivalent about their use in public but after viewing this picture, I found them abhorrent.  The photograph shows the Chinese National People’s Congress dressed in monolithic black suits accessorized with matching masks.  That unmasked dude strutting in front of his faceless lackies is Xi Jinping; General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, and President of the People's Republic of China. 

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.  Animal Farm, by George Orwell.

We’ve already imported too much from Communist China.  I’m not talking about only products. The Cultural Revolution was the original Cancel Culture.  Leftists adopted Hong Kong White Shirt tactics to stake out a thuggish street presence.  Audited and censored social media took a cue from the Communist Chinese. Enough is enough. Americans chart their own course.

Suppression of constitutional rights, state control, and roughshod policing of lawful behavior has become more of a norm than an exception.  The Wuhan virus was the piece de resistance.  Emergency powers gave governors and mayors an opportunity to flaunt totalitarian instincts.  None of this has done us any good and we sure don’t need to import the Communist Chinese fetish for stripping people of their individuality.

Public safety does not require mandatory masks.  Even when used properly, surgical masks cannot fully protect against a virus. Unlike bacteria, viruses are submicroscopic and easily pass through most masks. Improperly used, masks become a petri dish that increases the risk of catching a bacterial illness.  Additionally, Mask wearing by the healthy can cause headaches, breathing difficulties, facial skin lesions, dermatitis, mask mouth, and worsen acne.

How about wearing masks to protect others?  As evidenced by shifting recommendations by health organizations, there is no settled science on this assertion.  First off, the sick should quarantine themselves and wear a mask if they absolutely must go out in public. This was the standard practice before everything got turned upside down by this virus. To counter this commonsense response, a narrative has been crafted that asymptomatic Covid19 carriers unwittingly spread the disease.  Recent studies could not confirm this supposition. Asymptomatic individuals might be false positives, or the absence of coughing and sneezing may curb contagion. After the World Health Organization stated that the pandemic spread by the asymptomatic is “very rare,” the organization got so much pressure from mask bigots that they revised their statement to basically say that there’s no evidence either way.  How WHO was supposed to prove a negative is beyond me. Here’s an idea, if you see someone in public without a mask, don’t get in their face.

Masks are scary, a health risk, dehumanizing, and uncomfortable.  We learn as babies how to read expressions. Many actors do their best work when they don’t have a single line of dialogue.  Comedians, voice actors, and politicians know that inflection is a big part of verbal communication. Just imagine going to a movie where every character wore a mask.  Criminals and Antifa use masks to remain incognito.  Much like the niqab, pandemic masks adherents aggressively browbeat others into donning this symbol of collectivist virtue.

Leftists pooh-pooh the idea that masks are some form of abasement.  But look at the type of people who inflexibly insists everyone must always wear a mask.  Look at the bullying tactics they use to forbid us from exposing anything but our eyes.  Look at those who demand that every American wear a mask in public at all times.  Why?  Science does not justify this oppressive level of control over our daily lives.  In America, we take pride in our liberty.  There should be no stigmatism attached to wearing a mask nor should there be any stigmatism for declining to wear a mask.

Here's the bottom line, once we are all obediently masked, we’ll discover which animals are more equal than the rest of us.