Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Intrigue of Presidential Elections

Tomorrow, Constituting America will initiate its sixth annual 90 Day Study. You can read previous essays here. Those prior essays address:
  1. The Federalist Papers,
  2. The Constitution,
  3. The amendments,
  4. Classics that influenced the Constitution
  5. Erosion of checks and balances.

Constituting America is co-chaired by Janine Turner and Cathy Gillespie.

This year’s study is titled: The Intrigue of Presidential Elections and Their Constitutional Impact, A Study of America's Past 56 Presidential Elections: 1789-2012.

I feel privileged to again be invited to participate with some of the best constitutional scholars in the nation. 

My first essay will describe Washington’s first election in 1789. It will be published on February 18th, but don’t wait to visit until next Thursday. The essays start on Monday, Presidents' Day, with an introduction by Constituting America National Youth Director Juliette Turner, author of Our Constitution Rocks and Our Presidents Rock, followed by a two-day defense of the Electoral College by Tara Ross, author of Enlightened Democracy, The Case for the Electoral College. This is an important set of essays because the Electoral College is under assault by those who want the president chosen by the enlightened citizens that live along the two coasts or Lake Michigan. (Living in Nebraska, I don’t take kindly to being disenfranchised.)

You can read the Constituting America news release here.

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