Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Constituting American Begins Eighth Annual 90-Day Study

The core mission of Constituting America is to educate Americans about the Constitution

Constituting America has initiated its eight annual 90-Day Study. This year, the study is titled Fire on the Floor, and looks at the "Founders’ vision and purpose for a legislature that belongs to, is comprised of, and serves the American people." The essays have already started posting, so take a read here.

I've agreed to write essays on these five subjects.
  • Why the Legislative Branch is listed first in Article I of the United States Constitution
  • How Congress is designed by America’s Founders so a king could not rule, but instead the American people rule within a civil society
  • The United States Congress versus the Confederate Congress During the Civil War
  • What should and should not be placed in a bill to keep legislation easy to understand and appropriate
  • Impact that running for elected office, and serving in Congress, has on the members and their families
2018 Essays

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